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August the 12th 2020!  New Zealand after 102 days Covid free, went back into Lock down Level 2.  We do not know what the future holds.

So I decided to  revamp and design this page on how I will be operating online.

SFI is the place I have been hanging out at daily since 2013.

Now with the Covid 19 Panademic it is the ideal place to get rid of those boredom blues, playing game, using the forum and our face book groups to develop life long friendships. An extra income is nice, but some people just participate for the sheer entertainment that they receive.. NO SCAMS.

Society is shifting into a new realm of exploring new ways to operate online.
If you Commit instead of Want I can assure YOU!  That you will succeed!
My Maree Designs Network is going to be the Central Hub for all Bit Coin News. Real Earnings Paid to your online bank accounts Via GDI Traffic Wave And SFI.
Members Receive Admin watch points for participating throughout our Network Family Of sites or Making Purchases at any of my STORES..

Receive 100 AW Points for every $10.00 Spent throughout our Dollar Wise Network.
I surf daily through out our network if I see any members promotions I award them 5 Admin Watch Points.
You can feel SAFE in The KNOWLEDGE that you will not be ripped off and Our Venture will be still on line TODAY, TOMORROW.

And forever in the FUTURE.

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   Set up your G Mail Account. Google Search How to set up a Face Book Page.

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Think of your first 6-12 months rimarily as a training period.

In this era of "instant everything," I know it is tough for a lot of people. 

But instant wealth will not happen over night....

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