Welcome to Dollar Wise System Earner.

HI My Name is Maree google me Maree Wells.



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It's time to move past the hype and nonsense about getting rich overnight.
Let's plug you in to our team and show you how to CREATE a 5 Figure Income Online. Your earnings will be determined by your participation.

DWSEarner is all about supporting and training members.

How to start generating a real income online in 2016.


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How I Avoid the scams.

I Stick with the original sites staying well away from Copy Cats.

Just imagine if every member upgrades their membership at DWSearner.
Every member would "instantly" have 10+ upgraded referrals, a huge down line, and we would  "ALL" be making some serious monthly income from numerous income resources!

All I can do is show you how I earn daily.

The next step is up to each individual to put the plan into action. 


Most Important ask YOUR Dwsearner Sponsor if they have a 

Team Listed for Team Surfing.

Always request to join a Surf Team.










Dear Maree, I am so glad I am in your Dollarwise organization.

I got paid just over $30 on my Payoneer account today from SFI and the promotional accounts are giving me an income too.

You really have the winning combinations of SFI, GDI, Traffic monsoon and of course, All In One Profits.

Kudos to you for being such a great, patient trainer.

I thank the Lord for connecting me with you and these great opportunities and to learn to brand myself.







Maree, Thank You so very much.

I am Loyal because you are the ideal sponsor, you are awesome, and so sharing.

You are the first sponsor I have had online and you have made it very hard for anybody trying to sponsor me in anything, they have some giant shoes to fill.
Keep doing what you do and in the fashion that you do it, I Love it.
May God Bless and Keep You and Your Family
Always your Loyal Affiliate.

MARY Culver






Dear Maree, 

I won in top 100 again and am earning lots of MRP to use at youR ECA store, yesterday I obtain 235 MRP. 

And since I won 20 T- credits I am pretty sure I hit the top 100 twice yesterday.

I will go look when I get out of work. Winning t credits is like playing Card King free and then besides earning action vp I am also earning MRP to order advertisement at you ECA. 

It is awesome that you took the time to explain why it was a good thing to play Card King.

Reminding me it was a daily red tab -  you are an awe some mentor !!!!
Pretty amazing that some one as successful as you and this ultra busy took the time and look at all the good that was achieved by you.    Maryellen

I spend time -- three times looking at your ws/DWSearner  - I was extremely impressed - what I thought was a great idea was the " Anyone can do this " -- I think there is a big market of people that are newbies - but also it encourages everyone - no matter where they start - since you start at the beginning -

I want to re read it latter again but I thought it really explained it in very simple terms - you basically promote by doing the DWS earner downline builder --  I want to read it again but wanted to give you feed back right away with out you having to wait for responses -- " Anyone can do this" is a great confidence builder for a big market of those that are newbies or those lost in the huge Internet world with numerous sites, many not legit - really liked it !  Maryellen






You have now become my #1 mentor
Yes I will go for the life time upgrade for $150.00
Your loyal follower
Do you really do all of this work on the computer
by yourself?
If YES all I have to say is WOW !!! !!




Bert Harluck's profile photo

Free Advertising For SFI At DWSearner using your MRP Rewards or T Credits at SFI.


FREE Bonus. My way of saying thanks.

I will manually add 1000 credits to your account at DWSearner once purchased.

Remember!  Click the share and win link. Blast it at face book.


Advertising packages to promote your SFI on Auto Pilot. 1000 hits to your SFI gateway.


You save 50% off the regular price of $20.00
• Buy this item with MRP Points 2,489 OR TCredits 67

• TC Members earn 5 MRP with each purchase and 73 VP

Select the package Via the link above.
Click add to Cart. Click Continue to Check out You will see the order form.
Enter your Area code email etc.
Check all empty boxes have the details entered click Continue
Tick Payment box you wish to use.

Wait to verify box to appear then tick. Example I used T Credits.
It will read Your cart totals may have changed.
Please verify the new totals Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click  
I have reviewed and agree to the Triple Clicks Terms & Conditions. Click the box at the right Place MY Order.

I have done all the donkey work for us.  Just follow my plan, promoting building and earning.

I use McAfee Web Security.  Start building your Down Line       http://www.kiwitalk.ws/DLTBuild

McAfee test the sites I surf and blocks content that comes from potentially dangerous or suspicious sites





* Unique At DWSEarner. Members Rewarded for daily participation.

U tube video explaining how to setup  SFI promoting at DWSEarner.


You can duplicate the instructions for any site you wish to promote.

*  Games to keep you entertained while surfing.  

Remember my Site. 

Happy Burst Game.

Word Search.

Tic Tac Toe.

Progressive Jackpot.

DWSearner Free Tools to assist with promoting and team building.

*  Promo Wall. One Link will generate Numerous Income Resources.

* Mini Branders. Click Adds and set up your network for promoting.

* Jet Fuel.  Boost your surfing Ratio Plus receive a FREE advertising package

* Square Banner Plug In.  Admin promotes members Sq Banners in rotation Free.

* Mini Branders. Admin promotes members Mini Branders in rotation Free.

* Random Log in offers. Founding members advertising packages etc.

*  Lock in your spot for the Re-Shuffle Coop.  View Upgraded Monthly Benefits.


Tools Admin uses for Site building and support ?
* Automatic Promoting Site Tracker. Maree checks once a week where the signups are coming from.
* Message Centre. Keep in communication with all your down line.
* Markets your opportunity, product, list or service.
* Promotes your web site launches and special events.
* Displays your web site to potential clients.

* Random Tickets while surfing. Also redeem Via Emails Sent.

When you log into your DWSEarner account you will be directed to the MEMBERS Page.

In the top menu, Hover your mouse where it reads ads, Click websites and add your core businesses you wish to promote.

Return to home page. Click Affiliate> Affilate Tool Box.  Grab your promo wall link.

Return to adds and add this link to your advertising.

This will rotate all your advertising at DWSEarner in rotation at all sites you list it at. 

Return to Affiliate >Click on 'Down lines'. This page is where you will find numerous sites to blast your DWSearner promoting.

READ To SUCCEED.  Newbie guide on how to set up your promoting


When YOU log into DWSEarner. At the right be sure to register to chat with all our members at DWSearner Surf Chat Bar.

DO NOT USE SPAM Or False Information in your advertising efforts.

getting started

Admin Watch.
The internet can be a very dangerous place for newbies.
Tip! Do not believe all the False hype. As I found out myself years ago when I also started out as a newbie.
It is best to stick with trusted admin. These sites I have been a member with for years. Proven and Paying.

I have been earning a full time income for years Surfing at the sites you see listed in the Admin Watch.

Newbies Guide on how to set goals.

Refer earn


YOU Must register the Promo Code to be part of the Admin Watch.  AdminWatch
I will be using the back office to draw winners Weekly that have claimed the Promo Code.
How to claim. Log in click Surf> Claim Surf Code.

Upgraded members in to win cash weekly Free members cash value in credits.

Unique to DWSEarner.

Surf Bonus is randomly activated rewarding double credits with each purchase + the surfing bar is multiplied.

I  log into DWSEarner randomly using the Admin surf engage giving individual codes to claim spot cash prizes.

Be sure to surf daily at DWSearner In To Win Tickets and engage with other members in the Surf Chat. 

Simple surf at DWSEarner Daily.  Keep an eye out in the surf chat bar for when I give away random cash.

Simple and Easy Daily Planner to follow.
Do not make things more complicated than they need to be.
Promote 2-3 Core Programs at the down line builder sites listed below.
Mine are DWSEarner SFI and AIOP
GDI and Traffic Wave are my training portholes.

How To Participate With The Admin Watch.  

I surf Daily at the sites listed below. This also gives every one a Daily Planner To Follow.

When I see a members Splash Link for DWSEarner you go into the weekly draw. 

The more times I view your splash links the higher you climb up the ladder to Win.

Log into DWSEarner Click Above Affiliate them Affiliate tool box and select your favorite splash links to blast.


Check for Admin Emails every Monday For Winners List.









Surf 200 at DWSEarner and Traffic Swirl. Enter Promo code at DWSEarner AdminWatch.

Only need to enter once.  Surf Daily supporting your team. The top surfers win weekly.

Request to join One of our Traffic Swirl Surfing Teams.. Mine is full.
ElizabetaDWSEarner  OR  DWSEucan2 ( Each team has 15 members) 

Log into TSwirl! 
Click above Games then click Teams. Scroll down and find the team. At The Far Right Click APPLY

Every Tues I email the winners for surfing at TSwirl promoting DWSEarner.


Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange





Real Viral Traffic at vTrafficRush.com!

Every Friday surf then enter promo code "Fridayshowdown" once surfed the 250

You  will receive 250 credits 250 sq banner banner and tex impressions at DWSEarner.

Keep an eye out for Traffic Showdown email with instructions to claim.


Get Paid To Join Websites

Unique! Why it Pays To Promote DWSEarner.

Earn Tickets For Every Action You Make At DWSEarner.


Reply to all Emails to receive Random. Tickets. State Upgraded to receive triple tickets.

Enter Promo Code InToWin (only need to enter once) Random members drawn.



🌻 🌺 https://www.facebook.com/groups/DWSEarnerShopping/
Be sure to leave a comment and redeem tickets 🌸 🌻

 Admin Watch Weekly In To Win.

Keep an eye out for Mondays Email with winners list.

$5.00  Upgraded Cash        300 Tickets.  Doubled if upgraded.

$3.00  Upgraded Cash        100 Tickets.  Doubled if upgraded.

$2.00  Upgraded Cash          50 Tickets.  Doubled if upgraded.

$1.00  Upgraded Cash          20 Tickets   Doubled if upgraded.

0.50c  Upgraded Cash          10 Tickets.  Doubled if upgraded.

3 x 500/500/500  Credits   Value $5.00  Upgraded members receive double.
Randomly drawn from Promo code entry AdminWatch.

FREE members receive the value of the cash in Credits.

No need to request commissions. I pay every Month on the 15th

    DWSEarner Promo Wall Promoting Weekly. 

Keep an eye out for Mondats Email with winners list.

Enter Promo Code "PromoWall" You Must Claim the Promo Code to be in the weekly draw.

500 Credits  Upgraded members receive double Plus $1.

200 Credits  Upgraded members receive double Plus $1.

100 Credits  Upgraded members receive double Plus $1.

One Lucky Winner Per Week. 500 Credits  $5 + 3 referrals if upgraded..

    Top surfers at DWSEarner Weekly Competition.


1  $5   + 300 Tickets.

2  $3   + 200 Tickets.

3  $2   + 100 Tickets. 

4  $1   +   50 Tickets.     

5 0.50  +  20 Tickets.  

6.  1000 Credits   7.  500 credits   8.  300 Credits   9. 200 credits  10 100 credits

Random Ticket Winners. 5 Members 300 Tickets double if Upgraded.

Traffic Profit Pro Network. Best Training articles on line.



Upgrade at AD Master  and Traffic Profit Pro.  In to win  Monthly.

If not in my down line you will need to send in proof of upgrade with sites. NO Cheaters here.

1 member wins weekly   $5
1 member wins weekly   $3
1 member wins weekly   $2

Enter Promo Code "TProAMaster"  Only need to enter once to be in to Win. 

Traffic Profit Pro. Best Training articles on line.
This is how I started to learn and participate with Affiliate Marketing.
Claim Zubee Coins Silver Gold and Diamond Daily with being upgraded at AdMasters.
Upgraded Claim Daily. Click lessons 9 12 and 18 daily at Traffic Pro.

AIOP Monthly Winners. Random Prize Draw from profit pool shared.

If not in my down line you will need to send in proof of upgrade with sites. NO Cheaters here.

All In One Profits. Great affiliate program earning cash back.

Enter Promo Code DWSE&AIOP  Only need to enter once to register.

This is where we all design our Splash pages for any Core Business.  Here are a few of My examples.

http://aiopsplashbuilder.com/splash.php?id=25439         DWSEarner Coop Splash.

http://aiopsplashbuilder.com/splash.php?id=25706         SFI Splash

I use AIOP to design a splash page listing the Power of 3


This is a proven system of how I generate 3 incomes with promoting the one link. 

FREE Bonus. I offer to design this splash page for all my team that have a standing order set in place at SFI.

Must also be upgraded at DWSEarner and AIOP>

Send in a Support Ticket To Redeem One Off Offer of 500 tickets once joined.

Sign up then send me your log in details to AIOP adding your links you see for the sites I have listed.

I will then log into your account designing your splash page.

SFI Team Winners Monthly.

(Sorry must be in my level one to receive SFI Gift Certificates)

Enter Promo Code "SFIInToWin"    Only need to enter once to participate.

Members not in my team at SFI will get the cash value in credits at DWSEarner.

1st Place -  $15 Triple Clicks  Gift Certificate and 400 DWS Earner Credits!  Double if upgraded.

2nd Place - $10 TripleClicks   Gift Certificate and 200 DWS Earner Credits!   Double if upgraded.
3rd Place -   $5 TripleClicks    Gift Certificate and 100 DWS Earner Credits!      Double if upgraded.

All other entries will receive 25 DWS Earner Credits -- woohoo!  Double if upgraded.
Everyone's a winner teaming SFI with DWSEarner!



Be Rewarded For Each Task you Complete at DWSEarner

Enter the Promo Code then Surf For Free One Off Credits.

Before logging out. Be sure to claim Surfer Rewards.  Click Above Surf > Then Surf Rewards.

YOU May Select and Claim One Bonus Per Day.

Banners Text REMEMBER
45 45
To Enter -
-Promo Code
100 100 -AdminWatch
150 150    Be In To Win Cash Weekly
250 250 250  Check Emails          
355 350 350    1 Day Mini   Upgrade     










Newbies Guide on how to set goals.


The Best $20 Monthly Investment On Line.


Teaming DWSEarner with All In One Profits.

For the serious Affiliate Marketer. Join our DWSEarner Coop


One Link Generates Four Income Resources.

I design FREE at GDI all members cash generating pages. 


Daily Promo Code Rewards!  Surf them claim.

Log into DWSEarner above Click Surf> Scroll down and click Enter Surf Code. Once entered then click ADD. All done. Now just surf.

Start earning Free Dollar Advertising Packages. 

Daily Pages Surfed Reward that can be collected each day
Sq Banner 
Promo Code to Enter
200 200 InToWin
250 250 250 SFIInToWin
325 325
100 100 DWSE&AIOP
250 250
Frid > Fridayshowdown




Start Daily surfing at DWSEarner. 

Earn 2 tokens for every 30 sites you surf N View.

Play To Win every 50 Sites Surfed.

See if your photo can be listed in the daily top three surfers.

Instead of spending here there and everywhere.

Start with investing $10 Monthly Upgrading and Investing with DWSEarner.

The key is re-investing down the track at the down line builder sites listed at DWSEarner.

Start building that wee nest egg, creating quite a snow ball effect, watching your earning grow larger month by month year by year. 

Plant that seed today and watch it grow over the next few months and years..

View Ticket Winners http://www.kiwitalk.ws/TicketWinners




The Internet lifestyle is a great way to generate a real income on-line daily.

Our Goal Here At DWSEarner is to support all our members with this simple step by step guide to teach them how to generate a real income online.  It may seem very overwhelming to begin with.

But by the time you finish doing these tasks and setting GOALS you will be a Pro.

My Favorite SFI Quote. The same principle apply to earning Tickets with DWSEarner.

Folks, we can't give away money (or co-op units or PSAs, etc. which cost lots of money) without the recipient EARNING that money by producing revenue. We would be completely bankrupt and out of business within months if we were just giving money away to anyone who signed up!

Indeed, sign-ups would likely explode to tens of thousands of people a day for everyone and and their brother joining just to grab some free money. Do you not understand how COMPLETELY UNFEASIBLE that would be?

A Signing Bonus is just what it says...a BONUS. And no one is stopping you from earning as much of it as you want, as quickly as you want.
If you want to quickly earn your entire Signing Bonus right now, then get busy and make some sales (that's why you're an affiliate)!
YOU control when you earn your Signing Bonus. Please stop being so negative and underestimating what you can do!

Success comes before work ONLY in the dictionary. There is no shortcut to success.

How To Send in a support ticket.

Log into DWSEarner. Above Click Support.  Read the DWSEarner FAQs

Click the Blue Button ASK ADMIN.  A Box will open.  You will be asked to log in again.   Close the box and return to the support page.

Click the blue button ASK Admin again.  Enter your message then click send.

Send in a Support ticket when task is completed.

FREE is Great!  Want to earn faster. Jump Start With Upgrading.

Upgrade for $10.95  Monthly!

Log into DWSEarner Click above Account Scroll down and click upgrade.

Faster surfing! More Cash Rewards! Pays Two Levels! Step Ladder Rewards

GOAL ONE.  Aim to achieve Weekly. 5 Upgraded Members = $5.00

You can claim multiple times weekly.

Example  Refer 5 = $5.00 Refer 10 = $10.00 Refer 15= $15.00 so on and so on.

Earning Goal One Bonus.  $$$ credited to your DWSEarner Account..

Adding your Photo at Gravator.

GOAL Two.  Is to see your picture in our daily top three surfers.

No Photo. Wondering how to add it Simple sign up FREE.

Make sure to use the same email address you used when joining DWSEarner.


Earning Goal Two Bonus. 0.50cents credited to your DWSEarner Account.

Upgraded members Set up your team surf..

GOAL Three.  Set Up A Surf Team. Claim once you have 10 members.

Log into DWSEarner. Click above Surf then scroll down and click team surf.

Click start a Team League. Enter a name and description then click save.

Once a week log into your team surf and send a group message.

Captain’s Area  Click the blue link to send a group message.

YOU may also reward your team. REMEMBER your team will determine your earnings.

Treat them right and they will support and follow you into other programs to use for team building DWSEarner.

Give Credits To A Member. Give cash to a member.

Earning Goal Three Bonus. $1.50 credited to your DWSEarner Account.

Communicating. Message your team weekly with the one click.

Welcome all new members within 24 hours!

The key is to invite all your team to your surfing group.

This way you are all surfing and supporting each other.

How to send a message.

Log into DWSEarner.

Click above accounts then scroll down and click Private Messages.

Click Compose.  

Send messages to all your team with the one click.

Tick the box where it reads. 

Send to all my team league members.
Copy and paste your message. Click Send.
To check if members opened them Click Return to Inbox. Click above  Sent Messages. 

Then Delete and tidy up inbox.

Then once a week you can send a message to your entire team with the one click  Via the Surfing Team Link

Setting up your Advertising and Promoting.

GOAL One.  How to get signups to DWSEarner. Affiliate Links.

Log into DWSEarner. Above Click Affiliates then click affiliate tool box.         

Here is where you find you affiliate links to promote DWSEarner at the Down Line Builder sites. 

Participating with the admin watch daily.

I recommend to add Splash links 12 and 15 to begin with at Traffic Swirl.

Scroll down and click Commissions to view earnings.

Click Referrals.  Tip see who has been  surfing or spending.

Reward members with transferring credits supporting them.

One link will generate Numerous Income Resources.

Add your Promo Wall Link to promote through out the DWSEarner Network. All you adds will be viewed in rotation. 

REMEMBER to add your Promo Wall Link to be promoted Via the ADDS Tab.   I surf daily at DWSEarner. 

If I see members Promo Wall links you are added into the Weekly Promo Wall Competition Via Admin Watch. 

Upgraded members Win Cash. Free members earn the cash value in Credits.

GOAL TWO .  Advertising using the Down line Builder Sites.

When I first launched the Down line builder. I was horrified to see that when members signed up they were not signing up Via my link. Example one of my team joined Red Stag and upgraded for the year.

When I checked my account there was no record of the transaction. I sent in a support ticket and I am still waiting for the commissions to be transferred. So I removed Red Stag from the down line builder. DWSEarner was launched with the sole purpose supporting my SFI Down line investing $10 upgrading monthly. This would cover the costs within a few months for my teams Monthly SFI Standing Orders OR any Core Business you wish to expand.

The LFMTE Script was not signing up members Via the sponsors. So please keep an eye out for your Sponsors Links they will send you Via The Messager at DWSEarner.

Only join Via the banners if you are in Marees Down line Team. (ID 78)

Make sure members are joining your down line and not somebody else's.
Click Home > Account > Private Message > Compose. Introduce your team to your Down line builder Links gradually so you do not overwhelm them.

Promote your primary DWSEarner business. Introducing these new members to 20 additional income streams at the same time. This is how to team build on Steroids.

One link generating Numerous Income Streams. Suitable for all marketers from day one beginners to experienced old-hands.
This is the key to generating a real income working from home. Not spreading your wings to far.

Log into DWSEarner. Above Click Affiliates then click Down Line Builder.

If new? Start with baby steps that will generate into giant leaps. Try and join as many as you can.  

Start Free then reinvest half your commissions into upgrading. 

THIS is how you  start to generate a real income working from home.

YOU only need to promote your DWSearner Splash Links. Then introduce your team to your down line builder links. 

They will start to duplicate the system following you into these sites on Auto Pilot.

Earning Goal Two Bonus. 

O.T.O Upgrade with any of the down line builder sites Via Admin Links. $1.00 credited to your DWSEarner Account.

GOAL Three .  Purchasing Log in Spots Credits etc  to team build.

Click above Ads > Click Buy Credits for all you promoting requirements.

Here is where you can purchase credits. Keep an eye out for when admin randomly activates the Surf and Credit Booster.

Giving X 2. X3 and X5 credits Bonus purchased.

You may buy Memory Site Promoting. Ideal for members that have no time to surf.  

You may buy Reshuffle Coop Positions. Admin randomly reassigns New Team members to your down line. 

I pool all the money into advertising at all the sites you see listed in the Down line builder.  I am upgraded at all these sites.

Unique all upgraded members are reshuffled to Upgraded Team Leaders. Ready to support and guide you.

Paid for Shopping and Selling . 

DWSEarner was originally launched to support Admins SFI team.

Giving them access to all the stores at the one location. With a safe surfing environment to blast their SFI promoting team building.

You may duplicate this system for any Core Business you wish to expand.

Check this link Often. Supporting Our Members ECA Stores. 

New to DWSEarner send in a support ticket with your ECA Store Link to be added to our shopping page.


Simple Connect with your favorite Stores in your community. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find your promotional link with your Triple Clicks Id inserted.

I suggest for all my SFI Team Leaders to duplicate the same system.

Sign up to GDI  Then I will duplicate http://www.dollarwise.ws  Changing my SFI links to yours.

best little $10 Investment on Line. Proven and Paying Me Since 2009.

Here is where I use their easy Web Master to design all these training pages.

NOT with SFI use GDI to design any training pages to share with your team.

Most important add your website training link you design at GDI to your signature at G Mail.


Send in a support ticket at DWSEarner once GDI is activated and I will design your SFI training website Free.

The beauty is. When you are off line. Your Team Still have access to your training website.

The affiliate program is an extra bonus.  Refer5 = $100 in any given week.