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HI My Name is Maree! google search me Maree Wells.

Do not believe those On Line Guru's that charge hundreds of dollars, offering to get you listed at the top. I have been achieving this Free for years.

Simply with promoting my programs day in day out.

It's time to move past the hype and nonsense about getting rich overnight.
Let's plug you in to our team and show you how to CREATE a 5 Figure Income Online. Your earnings will be determined by your participation.

Promote one single website and receive referrals in multiple down line builder sales funnel generator Programs.

How to Grow Your List and Income in 2017?


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Mary Hati.

Dear Maree,
I am so glad I stumbled across your advert at triple clicks it was your advertising for build it Big that caught my eye.
While reading through your site I noticed your Team building Packages.  
I myself had been jumping around like a rabbit joining up here there and everywhere getting ripped off losing a lot of money.
Reading through your website and your testaments, I identified myself the same as what you were all saying. So I joined up with Dwsearner after my first week there talking and e-mailing to Maree  I am now 100% behind everything Maree promotes and does. I got my first pay ever from following Maree and duplicating everything she does.
Thank you for all the opportunities you have opened up for me and every other Joe Boggs. 

Mary is also A New Maree Designs Rep. She lives in New Zealand.







Maree, Thank You so very much.

I am Loyal because you are the ideal sponsor, you are awesome, and so sharing.

You are the first sponsor I have had online and you have made it very hard for anybody trying to sponsor me in anything, they have some giant shoes to fill.
Keep doing what you do and in the fashion that you do it, I Love it.
May God Bless and Keep You and Your Family
Always your Loyal Affiliate.






Tools Admin uses for Site building and support ?
* Down line Builder Referral Program For Team Building Monthly! 
* Automatic Promoting Site Tracker. Maree checks once a week where the signups are coming from.
* Message Centre. Keep in communication with all your down line.
* Markets your Promo Wall, Mini Brander and Square Banner opportunities, product, list or service.
* Promotes your web site launches and special events.
* Displays your web site to potential clients.

* Surf Chat Bar for members live communications..

* MaCFee Security on Admins Computer. So when she is surfing alerts her of potential dangerous sites.

She removes these sites. Then logs into the back office and bans them via the Surfing Guard Protection.


Whether it be SFI GDI Or TWave. Use DWSEarner to build any core business.

Admins Tip! Do not go in Guns Blazing. Set up your Dollar wise Network with joining our family of sites.

Select 2-3 Core Programs using Our Down line builder Sales Funnels to promote these programs. 

Generating Numerous different income streams on Auto Pilot. As your team duplicate the same system.

Start building your own brand and personal list of followers.
We call this the "snow ball effect". Some call it "pyramiding your profits".
This is how I generate a Full Time Income. Working On Line Daily.

  Follow our daily work schedule. This will determine your earnings by your participation.









Traffic Marketer Pro.

Our One Stop Bitcoin Marketing Porthole. Listing training videos and articles related to Bitcoin marketing.

Lock in this Fiverr Gig to jump start your Bitcoin Journey. 


All Premium Gigs. I will log into the back office and set up your Sales Page Promotions.


Here is where you enter 5 links and your social media links to promote with your ABC4income link.

Newbies unsure. Lock in this fiverr gig 


Premium includes me logging into the back office and setting up your Sales Page Promotions.

Looking for faster results with complete A-Z Leveraging income Correspondence Course.


Gigs include ABCVIP Access for a year. Premium for a life time Plus Setting up of your Sales Page.

Find My training articles and Videos explaining how to generate new SFI clients in the back office..

This is where you list numerous different Triple Clicks Products to sell.  If not with SFI. Members Variety Store's.

The beauty is if any of your SFI Team Buy From ANY triple clicks promotions listed.  BOOM SFI Cash Earned.

Think of the down line builder as your Sales Funnel to generate clients to Any Core Business,

SFI, GDI Or Traffic Wave ETC. Set aside one day to view and add your links.

Maree Designs.

Jump Start with locking in the Fiverr Gig Maree Designs Set Up.


Your Digital REVOLUTION Can Begin TODAY With Your PERFECT Work From Home PROGRAM! 


Lock in the Premium Gig, Activates MDSalesRep Access for a Life Time.

One Off Payment Life Time Income. Earning cash back rewards for introducing my Fiverr Store Online.

Our One Stop Affiliate Marketing Porthole. Listing training videos and articles related to online marketing.

My ECA Store at Triple Clicks. Earn admin watch points with all purchases.

Purchase this package from Admins ECA Store.  Click SFI Tool Box to view Auto Renewal Bonuses.


I share all new PSA signups with my SFI Team that lock in the Auto Renewal.

Fiverr Store.  Enter Promo Code at DWSEarner "FiverClub" http://www.dollarwise.ws/FiverrStore



One Click Social Media Blast


I have been using these Social Media Venues since 2011. Takes 5 Minutes.

Simple Log in daily blast your post, accept new members connections introducing them to our DWSEarner Work Station Network.. 

Use my Profile Page as an example to duplicate.


An hour per day will send money your way.

I multitask checking all my emails.  I send all unwanted emails to my spam folder.

I then participate with the sites listed with our Admin Watch.

   Power of Three.  I designed this program Years Ago. Designing our Teams GDI Pages For them.










DWSEarner is Owned by Maree Designs! Part of My Dollar Wise Network. Established 2009.

Members Testimonials.     https://youtu.be/U6PBGUO4i18

Dollar Wise On Line.          https://youtu.be/Q3juSb1VFGw 

My Journey.                       https://youtu.be/lttfVOwqzXo

  I have invested thousands in purchasing unique plugins for DWSEarner.   


  A Picture tells a thousand words.. Start with adding your photo.

Use the same email address at https://gravatar.com to generate your photo.

If you are like me, you've searched the Internet over and over, wasting lots of time and money with

"get rich quick" businesses that turned out to "be pie in the sky" fairy tale's.

* You Sell Products Via Any of Admin Stores or Family of sites, You Earn.
* Down line Sells Products Via Any of Admin Stores or Family of sites, You Earn.
* You Buy Products Via Any of Admin Stores or Family of sites, You Earn.
* Down line Buys Products Via Any of Admin Stores or Family of sites, You Earn.
* You Invest With our Family Network of sites or Down line builder programs, You Earn.
* Down line duplicates the same system promoting and supporting Our Members store’s.
Creating a huge snow ball effect as your earnings grow larger month by month, year by year..

  Jump start with buying the Traffic View Gig at The Fiver Store.

Activates Admin Watch Entry for Fab Cash Back Rewards for participation.


Newbies unsure, lock in the premium gig. I will log into the back office and set up your sales and profile page for you. All you have to do is send me your promotional links. Then sit back and watch me work my magic.

   How to set up your DWSEarner Network.   A must for all newbies to Register and learn...

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How to surf. Wait for the timer to show Go. Then match what it says in the Text box to the matching picture.

  Set up your Advertising.

1…  Before Surfing you must  set  up your advertising. Click Above Ads > Work your way through starting at the top.

Be sure to add button banners when setting up your Mini Brander and Square Banners.

Unique the Mini Brander and Promo Wall Links are promoted FREE throughout the Dollar Wise Network.

You must auto-assign at least 60% of your credits to be able to start Surfing..  Return Click the Surf Tab > Surf

Be sure to view the surf chat bar for random Fab Prize Giveaways and Winners. Click the Extra Tab Above to view winners.

Click at the surf chat bar members names to view their business plans.  Click the Banner to view Mini Branders Listed.

2...  Before Surfing Activate The Welcome Promo Codes.

Click Surf> CLICK Enter Surf Code to activate.  (only one at a time can be activated.)
Code Surf50 to activate then surf 5O and receive Credits.
Rinse Wash Repeat. Promo Code “Surf100” Then “Surf500” "welcome"
After activating your first code return and allocate the credits to your promotions.
YOU must have credits allocated to all your listings. 
I do a tidy up of the site weekly removing all inactive promotions, to keep our website running smoothly.

3… Before logging out for the day. Be Sure to click SURF then Scroll down and click Surf Rewards.
At the beginning of each month be Sure to Check out the Winners List for the Raffle Pick A block Fab Prize Giveaways ETC.
I promote on Auto Pilot all my members advertising throughout my DWSearner Network.

If you have not joined a surf team Do this NOW>  Click Above Surf > Then click Team Surfing. Click all Tabs for instructions.

  Affiliate Links for promoting.

Next click Account then Profile Page settings.  This is unique to DWSEarner.
Duplicate mine and blast throughout our down line builder network listed at Maree Designs.
Return and Click Affiliate > Affiliate Tool Box. Copy your Promo Wall Link.
This advertises all your websites you have listed under adds in rotation. Go and add this link to your promotions.

Your DWSEarner Promo Wall is an easy way to earn referrals at DWSEarner while promoting all your sites at the same time!
Your Promo Wall will show one site and one banner that you have at DWSEarner with credits assigned to them.
These extra hits do not deduct any credits from your sites.
All you need to do is promote YOUR  URL: Change my Id 78 to yours.

Be sure to add it at DWSEarner, I surf daily allocating A W Points to members Promo Wall and Profile Page promotions I See.                 


Go and promote this link at all the down line builder sites listed at Maree Designs and DWSEarner.

   Team Surfing!

Click Surf Then Click Surf Team. Upgraded members register your surf team.
Free members request to join a surf team. Weekly Top  Surfer prizes up for grabs.

Weekly send messages to your team updating them.
Click Team Surfing, click My Team League, scroll down to the bottom of the page where it reads.
Captain's Area!  Send a Group Message To Your Team League. (Click and send)

YOU may give DWSEarner cash or credits to individual members.
Weekly Click Accounts then Private Messages. Click Send messages.

Click Above Surf > Team Surfing >Rewards to view weekly prizes for top team surfing.

   DWSEarner Communications.

Click above Account> Click Private message. Check weekly.

I will not allow pyramid, Ponzi schemes, share revenue programs, get rich quick schemes or multi-level marketing programs that offer no products to use My Dollar Wise Advertising Network. No Exceptions.

How often do you see this sort of promoting.
Load of Rubbish.
YET people sign up and invest believing all the hype.

Just imagine if every member locks in  their Subscription within our Network or Down line builder Programs.

Every member would "instantly" have 10+ upgraded referrals, a huge down line.

Plus We would  "ALL" be making some serious monthly income from numerous income resources!

As our team duplicate the same system when they sign up.  Joining our down line builder Sales Funnel Programs.

  Send in a support ticket with your Block Chain Wallet Addresses for Ether, and Bit coin.

View instructions on how to set up your Block Chain Network here. 


  Video Reference library. View more in the corresponding Websites back office.

Setting up SFI at DWSEarner.                                         https://youtu.be/idadxJvCsss 

DWSEarner Team Communications.                               https://youtu.be/92vEsoeQHRk

DWSEarner! Admin Watch! Surf N Win Fab Prizes.        https://youtu.be/25404dOTCVk

Admin Watch In To Win.                                                  https://youtu.be/CuAJBWKxOsk

Bitcoin Faucet Ticket Winners                                         https://youtu.be/SfU8C4JnDIo

Best Bitcoin Faucet online                                               https://youtu.be/CSFJWvGWE2o

DWSEarner Set up Surf Teams.                                       https://youtu.be/ogaYu_XNgBo

Dollar Wise Monthly Action Plan.                                    https://youtu.be/ZdDMX3vvMC0










It's Happy Burst Time! 






Maree Wells New Zealand. A-Z Training Online School For Affiliates. Dollar Wise Network. (Established 2009)


Share this Weekly Post I send via Traffic Wave Monthly with all your team.

DWSEarner Beginning of a new month.

Be sure to activate your Power up.
As an upgraded member, you get to choose a power-up for your membership every month! 

This means your upgrade will become more powerful the longer you keep it.

You can choose one new benefit every month building up your benefits for a powerful advertising platform that keeps getting better and better!

These power-ups will remain active for as long as you keep your upgraded membership.

Start Each NEW Month off with a BANG.  Lock in your Upgrade TODAY.
To upgrade your account with DWSEarner receiving 40% commissions Level 1 and

30% commissions level two from all your down line team locking in.
Send payments to our DWSEarner Ether Club Wallet. 

1 Month $10.00  3 months $25.00  6 Months $50.00
Be sure to send in a support ticket to register your Upgrade.
Include how many months you have locked in + Add Your Ether Wallet Address to receive Commissions.

Lock in your Traffic View Package today.  A- Z Marketing Strageties.
Activated Fab Prize Cash Back Rewards when surfing.
Paid to all members Ether Wallets.

http://www.fiverr.com/ dwsearner/supply-traffic-to- your-website
Receive Cash Back Rewards. + FREE GIFT activates matching DWSEarner upgrades.

Start the month off with a bang. Set up your advertising.

This is the time consuming part but well worth the effort.

Once you have set them up it is just a case of logging in daily surfing, then allocating credits to your promotions.
Click above Adds then mini branders. Follow the instructions to set them up.

Return and click Sites, Banners Etc and set these up.
To get your Promo Wall Link.
Click above Affiliate then affiliate tool box.  Find your link here to blast at all our down line builder programs.
View my example. A modern day rotator that will advertise all your promotions in rotation.
http://www.dwsearner.com/ promowall.php?rid=78

I blast these links throughout our Dollar Wise Network FREE.
http://www.dwsearner.com/ brandergrid.php?campaign= e8vly3ncir
Most important log into DWSEarner and set up your profile.
Click above Accounts then Profile page settings.
View mine as an example.
http://www.dwsearner.com/ profile.php?p=78

Members simply click the names of our members at the surf chat bar
to view members introduction to what they are promoting.

ale leads System with ever lasting growth! Year In Year Out.
Y  our one stop team builder and Block Chain Cash Generator.
S  imple step by step Affiliate Training Series In A Box .
T  eam growth with spillover, full support Via Newsletters.
E  asy Down line builder to Explode any Core business.
M ake this the year to explode your Online Presence.
Feel Safe In The Knowledge!

Our Venture will still be on line TODAY, TOMORROW, And forever in the FUTURE...

DAILY To Do Planner.

1...  Check Emails and send all unwanted emails to your spam folder.
2...  Surf 100 - 200 sites daily at DWSEarner...
Before logging out redeem daily surfer rewards.
Go to the home page. Click Surf then Click Surfer Rewards.
3...  Surf 50 0r View 50 Banners at Maree Designs.  
1 Winner Daily of 1 Banner with 5000 Views.
Use the social share buttons daily sharing to Facebook Google + etc. Give Gift Slots.
go to the down line builder Page fill in your information.
4...  Surf or view adds at Traffic Marketer Pro. Lock in Upgrades via coin payments.
 Everything you need to know relating to bit coin.
5...  Surf or view adds at ABC4Income.  Everything you need to know SFI Related.

Listen to the Video! 

DWSEarner Communications. Plus how to participate with Admin Watch.


Be sure to sign up FREE.. Coin Payments are giving away $10 in CP Coins until June.
I use them as the payment processor at Traffic Marketer Pro.

Santa Club at Facebook.
Be sure to give the page a like and enter Promo Code AT DWSEarner.
How log in above click Surf > Surfer Code. Enter then surf to activate the bonus.
200 credits, text and banner views with 2000 Square Banner Views.
Be sure to view our facebook page often for Fab Prize Prizes and Cash.

Cheers Maree.










Thank you, for the great job with your SFI business!
For every email I receive from SFI with news about you, for sure, 
I know they are good!
For every look I've made on your profile, for sure, I know I'll smile. 
Just for how happy it makes me feel, to be able to witness your great behavior with your SFI business.
And for every time I smile in the morning because of you!
My day is super good!
Thanks for that too!
and because of how much your success means to me.
Concepcion Zaneldin
My CSA Sponsor.