DWSearner Plug Ins

Square Banners Plugin

Admin offers 125x125 banner impressions.

You can click ADDS and purchase themAdmin also offers them as prizes.

The banners are also added to the members area, navigation side bar.

Click Above Adds> Then scroll down and Click Square Banners to set up.


Admin Rewards Members 

Banner Prizes

 prizes are awarded in the surf bar banners.

The prize won is selected from an inventory of prizes I decide to enter.

The quantity I entered deducted as they are won. I change the rewards Weekly.  Naturally I reward Upgraded Members Higher Rewards.

As a thank you for showing support.

When Surfing keep an eye out for this Banner.

Mini Branders

5 In 1 Banner that promotes your site while  branding your members  at the same time.

The mini brander banner is displayed on the surf bar and also at over 30 different sites Admin is upgraded with.

Mini Branders can be purchased or Won with participation. 

Members may convert their credits into impressions.

Or Click Adds and Purchase Credits.

Be sure to click  Adds and set up your Mini Brander Network.  Add your own banner then be sure that the banners are 125 x 125. Go and blast your mini brander at all the down line builder sites.

Admins example.


Surf Exchange Chat with Admin

I am able to log into the back office and chat with individual members.

24/7 support.  When you see me in the surf chat bar, request an individual training session.

If you see a message from me..  To close the box... Do not reply to the last message I write...

HOW sponsors can communicate with down line.
Click above Account > Private Message > Compose > Send


Games Admin Offers.

Remember My Site

Pick the previous site that was displayed.  In to Win

Members are rewarded for paying closer attention while surfing. 

Upgraded Members receive Cash and Credits as well. 

You may also buy advertising to show your Adds here. 

This powerful plugin lets  members buy or earn Surf Boosts to their surfing ratio.
I activate the Surf Boost Every Weekend with our Surfer Weekend Frenzy Giveaways.. 

You May Click Surf > Then Click Surfer Jet Fuel To Activate.. Use your commissions.

Team Surfing Plugin

   This plugin combines with The Private Messaging  plugin to let our  Upgraded members create teams to earn bonus credits while networking and competing with each other.
   Most important. Free Members be sure to join a Team.
   Upgraded Members Set up a team.
   How you ask?

   Log into DWSearner. Click Above Surf > Team Surfing  > Click start a team  league and follow the instructions. Click my Team League to communicate with team.

Scroll down to where it reads. Captain's Area and send your team a message.

Promo Code 

Members EARN extra rewards and prizes for entering a promo code and then surfing a certain number of pages.
Be sure to check  e-mail daily for promo code and site updates.
Log in and click Support to communicate with admin.
Click Surf> Then Surfer Code to redeem.>
Then Surf to activate the reward.

Happy Burst Game 

  A fun and creative game with animations and sound effects.

  where surfers burst Frowny faces to win prizes.
  All members are awarded credits, banner impressions,    Text impressions, Sq Banners etc.

  cash is included for Upgraded Bit Coin Club Members to Win.  Enter the Word Search Game As well.

Prize Page 

I add cash to the Mystery Prize Surf Box when ever a Member Makes a Purchase.

SOME prizes ARE exclusively for  Upgraded Members. So FREE members will not See.

If YOU live in New Zealand SEND ME Your Address to Be In To Win Mystery Parcels Via the Post.

Please only enter if you live in New Zealand.

Sorry ONLY Kiwi Residents will be able to claim these. 


Admin Tips






Investment = Growth Which Equals Expansion With No Limitation.
I use the DWSEarner LFMTE Script to gather all our members from Our Down line builder Sales Funnel PROGRAMS Listed at Maree Designs And ABC4Income to the one location.
DWSEarner will be the place to surf daily in 2018 as I add cash to the Fab Prize Giveaways every time someone locks into Our Bit Coin Clubs Or Purchases Via my Fiverr Store.

Lock in your Traffic View Package Today.. Unlocks the Fab Prize Cash Back Rewards paid to members Ether Wallets. Be sure to send in a support ticket and register your Payment Wallet ID.


Set Up Your Complete Online Business in a Box! 24/7 Support!


  DWSearner Chat Plugin 

Our DWSEarner Chat community! lets our members chat while they surf.
Our surfers will be chatting and telling other surfers all about how they team build, Sharing links etc.

Feel free to share your face book and twitter ids with members.
Chat Creates A Sense Of Community That Keeps Our Members Loyally Surfing And Active At Your Exchange Instead of Someone Else's...
Yes Admin has Created A Loyal Tribe Of Members! Click Members names in the Surf Chat Bar to see what they promote.

Login Spotlight Or Starter Pages.

Members can earn credits or cash for viewing the Login Spot Light site, and can earn an additional reward for rating it and providing feedback.

A member who reserves the Login Spotlight can read their comments from other members, and organize the comments by: membership level, most active surfers, and highest-paying members.

The mod is set to automatically e-mail members whenever there is a new Login Spotlight page, reminding them to login and receive their rewards. If no Log In Adds Are Purchases. Admin Promotes SFI Product of the WEEK.. All SFI Members earn when Any of there SFI Down line MAKE A PURCHASE.

Promo Wall


Your Promo Wall

  Your DWS Earner Promo Wall is an easy way to earn referrals at DWSEarner.

  Your Promo Wall will show one site and one banner that you have at DWSearner.

   Your sites must have credits assigned to them to activate.

   These extra hits do not deduct any credits from your site.

    All you need to do is to promote your Promo Wall Link.  

How Do I Find It You Ask ?   Log into DWSearner. Click above Affiliates > Affiliate Tool Box. 

Grab your link and go and blast it at all the sites you see listed in the Down line builder Program at Maree Designs..

Admin Promotes Upgraded Members promo wall links FREE.














Automatic Profit Tracker 

This is the best admin tool. Weekly I log in and view where members are promoting.

What sites I am using, and which are giving me the best results.

I am like your very own watch dog. Keeping track of where and when to promote. 

I can see where New DWSEarner members are signing up from.

I Track every single tool in my affiliate toolbox for top traffic sources and promo tools. 

A site is only successful when Admin runs a tight ship and members support it.
This is why I have invested money in rewarding all my team for participation.

Every few weeks I check what sites have been banned Via the Surf Guard Check and delete from the DWSEarner Network.   We want a scam free surfing environment.

Personally if sites do not pass the checks, I do not want them in my Dollar Wise Network.

I use McAfee Web Security.  Best investment on line.  I then share the information with my team to pass on to their teams.  McAfee Test the sites I surf and blocks content that comes from potentially dangerous or suspicious sites.  YOU would be amazed how many sites my computer blocks when I am surfing.

I surf daily at DWSEarner to check New Sites Added.. If It alerts my McAfee. I click Report, then log into the back office and suspend the sites... All Our Team Leaders do the same when surfing. 








Active Surfer Rewards 

I Reward members for surfing daily at DWSearner.

Before logging out for the day.

Be sure to click home then surf above. Click Surf rewards. There are different prizes to claim depending on how many sites you have surfed for the day.

The members simply pick their prize, and the plugin gives them out automatically. No more checking stats to see if they surfed the number of sites they were supposed to. This plugin does all that for you automatically





Welcome to Dollar Wise System Earner.

Just like you! I started out as a newbie years ago.  Believing everything I read.  When I realized any Tom Dick Or Harry could buy a website.. I was left very disappointed as I invested so much money joining sites that were just duplication's of other sites..Believing all the hype, I am still waiting for results.

SO in 2015 I decided to buy my own traffic exchange.

I did a lot of research as to which script I would use when purchasing my Traffic Exchange. I decided to go ahead with the LFMTE Script.They have some great plug ins on offer. Each plug in costs a One Off Fee between $100 - $160 .
I studied each plug in as to what plugin offered members the best rewards.
I wanted to design a website for the members by the members.
I spent a month setting up the design getting feed back from my already established down line team at the numerous  sites I am associated with.  











Welcome to DWSearner.com

Unique  to DWSEarner!  Upgrade Power Ups!

Every month your upgrade is active. It Powers Up Rewarding you more monthly.
Check out the monthly power-up choices you will see when you first log in at the beginning of each new month. Power-up the features that are the most important to you.