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Welcome to My Maree Designs Shopping Page.

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11-Piece Resistance Band Set For Yoga, Pilates, P90X, and More

Deal of the week Price I grabbed it for was.   $22.15 free shipping  


Mini Projector.  I grabbed one the very first Week with the New Weekly Deals.


How to Duplicate the Same System. 

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There are 1000's of ECA websites. What better way is their to help our down line achieve success.

By having all our ECA websites Plus Garage sale links at the one location.  Supporting each other.

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Maree Designs we support outside members On Line Store Ventures, that may not be a member with SFI.

Connect with Terry. United States.

I am an Executive Affiliate and Bronze Team Leader with SFI. Since SFI launched in 1998, it has been showing people all over the world how to build profitable internet businesses from the comfort of their own homes. In fact, the system is so successful that thousands now join SFI every week! If you've ever wanted to be your own boss or even just earn a little extra spending cash.... I'd love to work with you. Note that SFI provides everything you need to get started FREE!!


My Motto: No matter what shape or size you are.

Everyone is entitled to look great. Specialist for the fuller figure.


Kiwi's be sure to check out my Maree Designs Sales Rep Package at FIVERR.


No factory productions here. Each garment is individually cut then sewn. I provide unique garments with that
individual quality. Stand out in the crowd, in a classic Maree Designs.
25 years experience sewing and selling at the Christchurch Art Centre at the Weekends.



New look club is on 12th place on Highly Rated ECAs !

Collections by New look club: Lots of things I can Purchase Awesume.



Your order has been placed securely and we have just e-mailed a receipt to you at mb5681@gmail.com

with the complete details of your order.

Ordered Nail Kit for Zara
Your order number is XXXXXX Please reference this number on any inquiries regarding this order. 

Used 80 T Credits Cost was $12  FREE Shipping.

Folding Mini Bike 12inch Wheel Ultra-light Small Bicycle

This is just so cool. Never seen anything like it. I am saving to purchase.


product info
  • Item ID: 465849
  • MRP Price: 78,061
  • TCredit Price: 4,667
purchase earns
  • 5,118 VP
  • 74 MR


Maree Launched her Variety Store Maree Designs to offer all her friends and team a one stop shopping zone with numerous different income resources. 

Click the link and JOIN TODAY.  Let our entire team support you with building a client base with repeat sales..


It takes Amazing Products to create a Lifetime of Residual Income.

Maree Designs offers A One Stop Shopping and Selling Porthole.

With A Down Line Builder Sales Funnel Generator.

That's why you get paid month after month, year after year.

No Out Of Pocket Expenses! As you are spending what is already added to your

House Hold Budget. Yes! Paid for shopping and Selling.

Nevsky Prospect



Nevsky Prospekt, or the Nevsky Avenue, is the main street in the city of St Petersburg.

Planned by Peter the Great as beginning the road to Novgorod and Moscow.
The Nevsky today functions as the main thoroughfare in Saint Petersburg. The majority of the city's shopping and nightlife, as well as the most expensive apartments, are located on or right off of the Nevsky Prospekt.

Description  Mixture of georgeous Silk and Wolly Scarves.

Silk Shawl (kerchief) Saint-Petersburg
size 89x89 cm
gift-box included

Among unique, world-wide known products, presenting pride and glory of Russia, a particular place occupy shawls from an ancient town of Pavlovsky Posad.

The best gift for Mother, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister or a Friend.
With Love from Russia.
Thematic item the best gift for everyone who visited Russia Saint Petersburg ever.


Item ID: 472436  MRP Price: 6,829  TCredit Price: 194
purchase earns   212 VP  5 MRP

I used TCredits Via my SFI Leadership T Credits I Won.

Beautiful Garment. Free Shipping.


New Store that has joined our DWSEarner Network.

Natsabelle Clothing and Cosmetics




My Partner got one of these for his birthdays.

Bummer as it cost over $100 NZ Dollars.

Now I check stores first.

I Will Explain How I Research A Product Before I Make Any Purchases.


For example Before I Purchased this key board.
I grabbed the product description and entered it in Google Search.
I then viewed a U Tube Video Review.
I used my T Credits To Purchase. Plus the shipping was FREE.
  • Item ID: 506227
  • MRP Price: 3,417
  • TCredit Price: 104
  • Arrived on our doorstep within three weeks. Great product..

India Only Supplier.

Shivangi Enterprise


These are so beautiful. 



Moroccan Pure Argan Oil Hair Care 60ml Hair Oil Treatment. https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=465553
MRP Price: 3,285  TCredit Price: 88
purchase earns  96 VP  5 MRP
Kabyns favorite bought for Xmas.

I like the fact Shipping is FREE.

Purchased both items end of September. 


Hair tyes.  Shipping is FREE.

Bought 2. One for me and one for Zara.

Great Items For Kiwi Shoppers in New Zealand..  FREE Shipping to NZ




Men's Quality PU Leather Slim Fit Plush Thickened Warm Jacket

$80.00 free shipping Saving to buy for Kabyn


product info
  • Item ID: 464474
  • MRP Price: 15,059
  • TCredit Price: 534
purchase earns
  • 585 VP
  • 8 MRP


RATINGS & REVIEWS Check emails. YOU receive 25 VP for each review.

Check out one of my Teams Selling Page he has designed.

I am very impressed with Jo....


He has started with cleaning out his house and designing his own garage sale on line. 

Members purchase the package.


to have there store listed on this page. 


Betty I met Via Linkedin. Power of Social media.

Great Aussie Jewellery.