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My online journey started in 2009.  When house bound and bored after life saving surgery.  Forced to shut shop after 25 years, and concentrate on my recovery at home.

I decided not to feel sorry for myself, transferring my Store online.

Being able to work at my own pace, setting my own hours, exploring the wonders of the internet on how to generate a second income online working from home. Avoiding all the scams and false hype.

I was in Limbo for a few years. My NEW saying was illness was not a disability just a challenge. I loved the fact I could get rid of the boredom blues with all the entertainment on offer.

My first task back in 2009 was to design and develop a program My Dollar Wise Network A service provider for everything affiliate marketing related.

Teaching my team from the numerous different online opportunities I am with, how to follow in my footsteps, gaining access to my training articles even when I am off line.


Listen to the videos and follow my journey with locking in at my ECA Store.

I love experimenting with designing videos. 

Watch as I progress designing videos learning as I go.

Dollarwise Introduction                  https://youtu.be/WAkrs2tj034

SFI welcome 2019                           https://youtu.be/htB11vU78w8

Earthquakes 2011                            https://youtu.be/I72lTbX_7kw

Dollarwise celebrates 10 years      https://youtu.be/43ASfLUv528

My Journey.                                      https://youtu.be/lttfVOwqzXo


Introduction to my websites.  Since the designing of these videos, my sites would of evolved and things may be slightly different. BUT the principal always remains the same.  I find it quite interesting to refer back to.  Proud of the progress.

ABC4Income                             https://youtu.be/uM7QRqgKAJQ

Maree Designs                          https://youtu.be/1XiCFZu0i7A

Traffic Marketer Pro.                 https://youtu.be/HVIF_84ebPI

5 step course to online success.  https://youtu.be/rYSZHK9h8uM

ECA 5 Step Video Course.            


Newbies Bitcoin Set Up               


SFI members earn from all referral purchases at my ECA Store.

Working on line can be a very dangerous business if you do not know what you are doing.

YOU do not want people hacking your account.

SO Please Read this entire article.

Then go and update your passwords so you are participating safely on line.

G Mail Security. Send all unknown emails to your spam folder daily.

Never log into any site via emails. Always click the + sign you see in the browser to open a new window then enter the http website link.  Never give out your password to your bank accounts or online sites via any emails. Banks ETC will never email you requesting your account information.

Visa Card Security.

NEVER USE your main visa card for any online transactions. GO to your bank and apply for a second debit card to use. Tip, I simply transfer $50 over to this card from my main bank account when I require to top up my funds to pay for subscriptions. I also use this card to receive all commissions owed. I then transfer all surplus income to my main account.  I NEVER leave more than $50 in this account. I have received so many emails when new members in my team have replied to fishing emails and lost a lot of money from their main bank accounts. DO not be the next victim of cyber attacks.


I use 3 small letters 2 numbers 2 Symbols and 2 Capital letters when generating New Pass Words.

1… Use a different password for your Bank Accounts.

2… Use a different password for Pay Pal.

3… Use a different password for G Mail.

4… Use the same password at all the affiliate programs.  (Only established ones)

5… New Launches Or New sites you are testing. USE a different password. As there are dishonest sites that launch just to steal members passwords to clean out their PayPal accounts. OR cash earned at their Core Businesses.

YES this happened to me at SFI in 2012. Before I set up this Plan. I joined a new launch using the same Password I used at SFI. They kicked me out of My Gmail account before I had set up my G mail Security. They logged into SFI and changed my payment info to be paid to a Bogus Pay Pal Account. Luckily SFI reimbursed me my lost commissions.

  Adding your photo Via Gravatar!

Adding your photo Via Gravatar.
If you already are a member with gravatar. YOU do not need to join again.
Add the same email address at DWSEarner to activate your photo.
Not a member!  Click the link to register FREE.
Make sure to sign up with the same email account you used at DWSEarner.

  New Zealand Residents receive commissions paid Via Bank Wire.

World wide members are paid to their Bitcoin Wallets.


Receive Free Training on how to use Social Media, traffic exchanges and other business opportunities to build a Leads Base Of New Clients. 

Check out my training videos and articles in the back office of Maree Designs.

Access Via the down line builder.

NO FAILURE ZONE! As as a Team we all promote the same link at the same site on the same days.

No member is left out in the cold. Confused or Dazed. As we all follow the same plan.

Proven and Paying our members for years. 

Introducing all our team to our down line builder at Maree Designs.

   One Time Payment, Life Time Learning!

Check out my Maree designs ECA Store. All you need to kick start your online journey starting today.  Let me work in the back ground building your teams, freeing up your time to study all their is to know on how to work online the right way with affiliate marketing.


1...  Start with joining Maree Designs. Here is where I generate the one client Id to use throughout our Family Network of sites.

START generating Fiverr Cash Back rewards from all your clients sales at the Fiverr Store.

2...   Maree Designs Into Video

Videos are a great way to build your business. I have come a log way since designing of this video.

3...   SFI Working Online since 2013

I have designed great packages at my ECA Store. Designing www.abc4income.com for all your SFI training requirements.  Start Getting paid for shopping and selling. Earning Referral Commissions for spending. No out of pocket expenses, as I just buy what is already added to my house hold expenses.

Great Games and rewardicals, daily competitions to enter. Need look no further.



In To Win Monthly with Introducing Admins ECA Store.

When your referrals see any offer and lock in. BOOM, you just site back and receive CASH BACK REWARDS  from ALL your SFI Team purchases.  Make your first goal to join Traffic Wave and design your splash pages, capturing email addresses, building a client base.  Register to Skrill to receive commissions paid from Traffic Wave to your bank account.




I work from this page daily.  Having all the links at the one location. I am upgraded at all these sites, sharing all new signups with our Bitcoin Community Cooperative at Traffic Marketer Pro!

I click to enter the sites, do some surfing then promoting, closing the browser and move on to the next site.  Imagine your team growth a year down the track.  Earning from all your referrals participation.

I Receive Commissions paid to my bank account from GDI, paid to my Master Card with SFI and  bitcoin site commissions paid to my Bitcoin Wallet. Your Income will be determined by your investments.


YES an hour per day will send money your way.  Duplicate my LinkedIn Article.