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Welcome To MareeDesigns!  
Mission! ONE Team - One Vision - One Goal!  All Under The One Roof
Aim High!   Dream big!  Make It HAPPEN!
I am An Online Entrepreneur & Mentor for everything affiliate marketing related.
I share my enthusiasm with thousands of individuals daily that follow my blueprint for working online from home. Supporting small businesses.
2021 We are changing the business world!  CONNECTING ENTREPRENEURS GLOBALLY!
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Kiwi's and Aussies can also buy at my Etsy Store using the 8 Week payment plan.

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Maree Designs Size Chart.

I have designed my own NZ Realistic Size Chart.  How To Measure
Bust!      Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest.
Waist!    Measure around the narrowest part of your torso.
Hips!       Stand with heels apart and measure around the fullest part of your hips
Sleeves!  Measure from the top of your shoulder down to wrist.


This is the NZ Standard Size Chart
LADIES SIZE     10     12     14     16     18     20     22     24     26    
ALPHA SIZE     S     M     L     L-XL     XL     2XL     3XL     4XL     5XL      
BUST (CM)     89     94     99     104     111     116     121     126     131    
WAIST (CM)     71     76     81     86     93     98     103     108     113    
HIP (CM)     99     104     109     114     121     126     131     136     141

Minus 2 Inches if stretch fabrics for right size.  ADD 2 inches if non stretch.   
             Sm          Med              Med -Lrg          Lrg                Lrg Xlrg   XXXLrg
                                               Sizes 14-16       18-22              24-28
Bust         90           100  cm          108/105cm           120cm              135cm           145cm
Hips        100cm      110cm             118cm                 125cm             145cm            165cm
Length      55cm       60cm               65cm                   75cm                80cm              85cm
Bodice      30cm        35cm              35cm                    35cm                40cm             45cm
All Sleeves finished lengths are 58cm.  Request to be shortened.


TYE Jackets.       Sm/Med  Med/Lrg       Lrg         XXlrg
Back Width         55cm        60cm          65cm        75cm
Tye Front Width  75cm       75cm          80 cm       85cm
Back Length          65cm        75               75            80
All Sleeves finished lengths are 58cm.  Request to be shortened.
Sleeves  3/4     35cm


Skirts                            Med     M/Lrg     Lrg Hanky           X Lrg
Elastic un-stretched    65cm     65cm         75cm              85cm
Elastic Stretched          95cm   100cm       110cm            120cm
Hips                               110cm  115cm       120cm            140cm
Finished Length              85cm   90cm         90cm              95cm
finished Hanky centre    75cm   75cm          75cm            80cm
Finished Hanky  sides      75cm  75cm        105cm          110cm
Finished Hanky longest   95cm  100cm      110cm          110cm


Swing Tier Midi Dresses  Made in One size Med to large
Bust 120cm Swings giving lots of room.
Finished length Lace Tier Centre 58cm sides 75cm
Finished length Mesh Tier Centre 88cm Sides 107cm


  Watch these Instagram Videos I designed.

Stock sells fast so these garments may no longer be available.

If you can not hear the sound click the microphone bottom right to hear.

10 fashion garments

5 tye dye tops       

Dresses me modeling

skirts me modelling

Garments at etsy  

Me sewing in garage

Another me sewing

Me cutting patterns

Tik tok spinning fashion

Set up business part one

Set up business part two

small business unite

Santa club at facebook

affiliate marketing blue print


Tik Tok is a great place to get new clients with modelling the stock you purchase.  Simply talk about what you do daily.

I signed up with no understanding in September 2020.

I am starting the new year in 2021 with over 2200 followers.

Connect with me User Name mareedesigns.

Send me your TikTok User name so I can connect with you and share your posts.

Happy Customer

2021 Post        

Be sure to connect with me also at Instagram  User name mareedesigns.

I was amazed with this video post within one day over 100,000 views.

Jan 2021 I have 2210 Followers it will be interesting to watch this list grow throughout the year.