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Working on line can be a very dangerous business if you do not know what you are doing.

YOU do not want people hacking your account.

SO Please Read this entire article.

Then go and update your passwords so you are participating safely on line.

Learn how to generate Passive Income at DWSEarner.

Simply Click Affiliates >>> Down line builder adding your Id's.

NEW in 2019. Be sure to read the Home page details at DWSEarner.
Premium Members Commissions can now be paid to members Oru My Funds or Debit Card.

Make sure where it reads sponsor Has Entered The Code DOL6440
You will be asked to pay a one off fee around $30.00 to activate your Debit Card.
Then monthly you are charged $5.95! Best online investment for 2019.
Clean out your house, list items for sale at the Oru Market Place. No Merchant Fees.

Great way to pay members if you own your own website online.

Reply to this Email Requesting my Free Oru E Book on how to get STARTED.


I use 3 small letters 2 numbers 2 Symbols and 2 Capital letters when generating New Pass Words.

1… Use a different password for your Bank Accounts.

2… Use a different password for Pay Pal.

3… Use a different password for G Mail.

4… Use the same password at all the affiliate programs.  (Only established ones)

5… New Launches Or New sites you are testing. USE a different password. As there are dishonest sites that launch just to steal members passwords to clean out their PayPal accounts. OR cash earned at their Core Businesses.

YES this happened to me at SFI in 2012. Before I set up this Plan. I joined a new launch using the same Password I used at SFI. They kicked me out of My Gmail account before I had set up my G mail Security. They logged into SFI and changed my payment info to be paid to a Bogus Pay Pal Account. Luckily SFI reimbursed me my lost commissions.

  Adding your photo Via Gravatar!

Adding your photo Via Gravatar.
If you already are a member with gravatar. YOU do not need to join again.
Add the same email address at DWSEarner to activate your photo.
Not a member!  Click the link to register FREE.
Make sure to sign up with the same email account you used at DWSEarner.

  Setting up Profile for Surf Chat Bar.

Log into DWSEarner Click above Accounts then Click Profile  Page Settings.

Here is my example. Be sure to add your Profile link to ADDS at DWSEarner.

Add your entire link for Facebook etc.

When participating in the surf chat. CLICK Members names to view their profile connecting with them at Facebook…

One Team One Vision One Goal....
DWSEarner Team Builds Maree Designs Members for you on Auto Pilot...
I pay commissions around the 10th of each month.


Receive Free Training on how to use Social Media, traffic exchanges and other business opportunities to build a Leads Base Of New Clients. 

Check out my training videos and articles in the back office of Maree Designs.

Access Via the downline builder.

NO FAILURE ZONE! As as a Team we all promote the same link at the same site on the same days.

No member is left out in the cold. Confused or Dazed. As we all follow the same plan.

Proven and Paying our members for years. 

Introducing all our team to our down line builder at DWSEarner. 

Ask in the surf chat for other members links.

It shows they are active and willing to support members.

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